Thursday, June 29, 2006

A letter for ALTs

Nice to meet you! My name is Yohei . I'm a college student who is majoring English. Today, I'd like to tell you what you have to pay attention while you are in Japan as an English teacher.
First of all, you shouldn't be passive but active. As you know, some Japanese students are a liitle bit shy, quiet. With your help, they will enjoy talking with you.
Once you get used to custom and culture in Japan, it will be a good idea to study Japanese. It is really good way to know so many difficulty Japanese students have in studying English.
Finally, the most important thing living in Japan is enjoying your stay. Yes, we have this kind of proverb both in Japanese and in English.
'' When in Rome, do as the Romans do.''
Have a good time in Japan!


Blogger Steve Jang said...

Nice to meet you, too, Yohei. My name is Steve, and I'm an ALT in Iwate prefecture. Thank you for your advice to ALT's who first come to Japan.

I remember when I first came to Japan, and I was amazed at how shy some of the students were! And I agree with you that it's a good idea to study Japanese. So many Japanese have problems with the many English pronunciations--well, I have a problem with the many Japanese kanji! And of course, your most important advice--to enjoy one's stay, is so true. In fact, I enjoyed my stay in Japan so much that when I went back home to the U.S., I decided to come back to Japan!

Have a good time with your English training!

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